Agios Ioannis' [St. John's] little community is found on the shores of northeastern Pelion, 5 klm north of Mouresi and 8 from Tsagarada. It used to be part of Agios Dimitrios but it now is a resort in its own right. In early 20th century it started out as a little fishing hamlet but it soon evolved into the Greeks' favourite seaside resort on Pelion. In the past decade or so Agios Ioannis has rapidly developed into a quite well organized resort with very good accommodation and many restaurants, tavernas, cafeterias, pizzerias, bars and pubs, most of which are found along the promenade, on the other side of which lies a lovely shingle beach. Within comfortable walking distance the visitor can find two more gorgeous beaches, Plaka to the north and Papa Nero to the south. Above it overhangs the majestic green of Pelion and at its front spreads the great azure of the Aegean Sea. A maze of stone-paved tracks and paths connects it with the villages in the vicinity. Though Agios Ioannis is a rather cosmopolitan resort for Pelion tourist standards, it still retains its local colour and character. The combination of these two features makes it a well-sought after destination for both Greek and foreign vacationers and visitors, especially those who enjoy the pleasures of a day on the beach and a little excitement in the evening.

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Photography by Kapetanakis Ilias
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