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The emerald of Pelion and best known village to Greeks and foreigners alike. It is located on the north-eastern side of the mountain at an elevation of 500 meters. From this altitude it commands an absolutely unforgettable view of the great expanse of the Aegean Sea. The beauty of every sunrise and the full moon is unparallelled. It is no wonder that the name in Slavonic means "beautiful view".

Tsangarada is a sprawling village extending over 5 klm along the main road. Because of the lush vegetation most of the village is invisible. The inhabited area extends mainly down the slope toward and up to the seashore. It consists of four communities: Agia Paraskevi [St. Friday's], capital of the village and the Municipality, Agii Taxiarhes, Agios Stefanos [St. Steven's], and Agia Kiryaki [St. Sunday's].The coastline of Tsangarada is enhanced with the small but spectacular beaches of Milopotamos, Karavostasia, Fakistra and Damouhari.

Tsangarada is blessed with rich history, a maze of cobbled mule-tracks, alleyways, paths and roads that lead both to the higher peaks and to several idyllic beaches and coves, whose photographs have been included in all kinds of tourist publications. It also takes pride in two great plane trees, 1,000 and 800 years old, with circumferences of 14 and 17.5 meters respectively. An awesome sight both of them. One is struck with wonder and admiration in their presence and cannot help feeling humbled, respectful and fortunate to have seen such wonders of nature.

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